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Pensacola Table Tennis Club

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Congratulations to the Staff of the Fricker Community Center for their dedicated help to those in need after the 2014 disasterous flood.  Thanks to those who helped as well. 

Now for the good news, WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN... Our first meeting back was Thursday May 22nd and though we didn't have many there, "late notification on my part", there were a good number of newcomers to our club. We would like to welcome them, Scott, Ting, Jimmy for visiting our club. Though Jimmy (a FEMA worker in our area) won't be here but for a month, he has a good game and we can all learn from him as well.

So, come one, come all back to the Pensacola Table Tennis Club now open for business as usual.

Our next big event is the July 19th 2* USATT Sanctioned tournament. Entries are coming in all ready so, get yours in the mail or Pay-Pal your entry.  Forms are available to download on the Activities Page (tab to the left here).  Thanks again to the Fricker Community Center for their support.


Sincerely,  L.A. Johnston


Pensacola Table Tennis Club President

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Pensacola Table Tennis Club is located at 901 N. "E" St., Pensacola, Florida 32501.  The Fricker Community Center is located just one block North of Cervantes and parking is inside the fenced area just past the Baseball field on the left.  Our club has Monday nights from 6:pm until 9:pm for "Family Fun Play". Bring your kids and your mom and dad for a fun night of family play.  Coaching is available and adult supervision is always present.  Thursday nights are for the more advanced "Athletic Play". But if you want some fast moving exercise, come join us and get your cardio vascular work out from 6:pm until 9:pm on Thursdays.
There is plenty of room and tables for all levels of play, so come in and join the fun on which ever night you can make it.
Our club is a USATT sanctioned club with Certified Referees and players from the Beginner level to the Advanced level.  We are a non-profit club and envite any one who loves the game as we do to come play with us.


Advanced Play at Fricker Community Center

Family Fun at Fricker Community Center

If you have any questions about our club, you can write to me at

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Click here for an excellent video on serving techniques. The more we know, the better we all get.


Older tournament photo's here..have fun...

American Heart Association fund raiser tournament "Action Photo's Here"
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