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Pensacola Table Tennis Club

Remembering our Fallen Hero's
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Remembering our Fallen Hero's

We have lost many close members of our Table Tennis community around the area and so this page is dedicated to their memories so that they may be remembered and honored as they so well deserve to be.

May we all remember fondly and keep them in our hearts as we play without them.

Steve Simon.

Our dear friend who was full of life and enjoyed this wonderful sport we all enjoy so much called table tennis. He has passed away this previous Tuesday. Our prayers are with him, his family and love ones. He was always nice to everyone he came in contact with at all of his tournaments he participated in. He was the type of person that cared a lot about others and meeting new people at events sharing thoughts and showing kindness. He use to call certain people, ratings protector when individuals did not go to tournaments to compete. Meaning he really just wanted friends to show up at tournaments to hang and chat with. Always wearing unique and stylish clothes while tournaments being played. Steve, you will be extremely missed by many people. We love you Steve Simon!

Dr. Ron Peters aka. "Dr. Chop"

Bill Mobley.

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